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We offer several different training programs to suit your schedule, the amount of time you can devote to training your dog, and the goals you have for your dog.  We are currently offering private lessons, residency programs, drop-off day training, puppy preschool, semi-private group classes, and a new baby preparation program.

**In Spring 2012, we will begin offering AKC Canine Good Citizen classes and testing**

Private Lessons

Private lessons are for the dog owner who wants to train his or her own dog with one-on-one instruction from our trainer.  For more information, please schedule a training evaluation.
Cost = $65 per one hour lesson

Residency Programs

We offer three different residency program packages in which your dog will stay at ABGO for a set number of days and will work one on one with the trainer 4 - 5 times daily.  Once your dog has completed the program, you will be given a demonstration of what your dog has learned, and you will receive a set amount of private lessons to transfer the commands from the trainer to you, the owner.  Residency training is a great form of training for people that do not have the time to do the necessary amount of training workouts each day to teach their dog the commands themselves, or wishes for the dog to learn obedience at a quicker pace.  Cost of this type of training depends on the program that best suits you and your dog.

In order to enroll your dog in one of our obedience programs, you must first have an evaluation appointment with you, your dog, and our trainer.  Please call us to schedule your evaluation, or to get more information about our residency programs.

Drop-off Day Training

This type of program is similar to the residency programs, however, you will drop off your dog in the morning for training, then pick up your dog in the evening.  During the day your dog will have 3 to 4 sessions with our trainer and learn the commands in the program you have purchased.  Cost of this type of training depends on the number of commands you want your dog to learn.  Sign up for a training evaluation for more information and pricing.

Puppy Preschool

Did you know that 90% of your dog's personality is established within the first 16 weeks of your puppies life?  The most crucial period of mental development happens between the ages of 6 to 16 weeks of age.  Our puppy preschool is designed to take full advantage of this critical development period. In our weekly classes, we teach many different socialization exercises and confidence building activities.  We also focus on the major puppy problems every puppy owner experiences, such as:  housebreaking, playbiting, walking on a leash, and many more!   Puppy preschool is a great way to get both you and your puppy off on the right foot for the life of your dog.

Puppy Preschool Tuition = $65.00
With the cost of tuition you and your puppy will receive 3 weekly class sessions, and a private puppy consultation with one of our certified professional trainers.

To enroll your dog in our puppy preschool program, please call us to schedule your private puppy consultation.

Semi-Private Group Class

This class is designed for the dog owner who wants to train/work with his or her own dog in a small group setting with more individualized attention and instruction than the typical group class provides.  Dogs of all ages are welcome!  The only requirements are that your dog be at least 4mo old on the first day of class, current on vaccinations, and that you and your dog have completed your evaluation.

 Each class is 5 weeks in length and is one day a week.  We will only have between 3-6 dogs total in each class to keep the semi-private environment.

Semi Private Class Tuition = $125.00

K-9 101

You will be instructed and given demonstrations on how to teach your dog the following basic commands on leash



SIT at your side with auto stay

DOWN at your side with auto stay


K-9 102

Prerequisite - K-9 101

You will be instructed and given demonstrations on how to teach your dog the following intermediate commands on leash.

SIT & DOWN in motion

SIT & DOWN from the front




K-9 103

Prerequisite - K-9 101 & K-9 102

You will be instructed and given demonstrations on how to teach your dog the following advanced commands on leash.  We will also begin to work with our dogs off-leash!


HEEL from a 90 degree angle




How to Enroll your Dog in one of our Training Programs

Before you can enroll your dog in any of our training programs, you must first go through an evaluation with the trainer.  The evaluations allow the trainer to get some history of the dog, know what your goals are for the dog, and determine your dog's personality type.  They then can make a recommendation of type of training they feel will best suite your dog and meet the goals you have with your dog. The cost for this evaluation is $25. This fee goes towards the cost of the training program you choose. Call the trainer at (614) 332-0340 to schedule your evaluation today! For more information, you can visit Tiffany's website or check our her Facebook page!
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